When the Art takes over from the Artist .

dated 1993 until 2009 (click on an image to enlarge an artwork)
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Well , there is nothing intentional here . Go check the Tula monument at www.curacao-photos.com/photo.php?pht_id=90 . The complete work is in multiframe paintings section http://zanolino.exto.org/site/kunstwerk/13270339_Tula-signing-the-liberty-belll.html



A small area didnt get covered with paint and that s how i knew Marcel Duchamp had paid a visit .Go to http://zanolino.exto.org/site/kunstwerk/13414912_Zelavi.html

Dog Gone


simple decalcomania from Now Here . The entire work is in paintings 2009  http://zanolino.exto.org/site/kunstwerk/13275622_Dog-gone.html

Can Guru


The painting is on the home page . Good work for pscychoanalyse . This detail has to do with Vincent van Gogh , and some Dutch farmer lady he painted .

Merging of the individual i into the universal I ( Detail )


The entire work is  visible at http://zanolino.exto.org/site/kunstwerk/153163_Merging-of-the-small-individual-i-with-the-big-universal-I.html  . A spectacular wash in the green , without any preconception . Always meaningful , and as a bonus , beautiful .

Love Warrior


A stone found on the beach . A special beach , do . Check some more of the Family http://zanolino.exto.org/site/kunstwerken/145482_Love-Warriors.html

La cafetiere


Thats the wood before you start . The polished transformation is to be seen at http://zanolino.exto.org/site/kunstwerk/441522_La-Cafetiere.html.

2 faces out of Now Here


2 strokes of roller .1 second each . These are Spirits of my Land .Blow it then lookk at it 5 meters from your screen .

Brother Vincent . Details


Painting in http://zanolino.exto.org/site/kunstwerk/143568_Brother-Vincent.html .The blue is applied rapidly with a roller and then sculpted out.The beginning of that painting is its end as well : a reward work .

The Witness


The painting is in http://zanolino.exto.org/site/kunstwerk/152861_Witness.html . This is a wash . No drawings or design .

Carnaval . Detail .


The painting is in http://zanolino.exto.org/site/kunstwerk/153155_Carnaval.html.An accumulation of many layers , collected with the roller from news paper splashes .See how the face disappears when you blow up the picture .

A hell of a good Man . Detail


The painting is in http://zanolino.exto.org/site/kunstwerk/152844_a-hell-of-a-good-Man.html .Long ago i used to work all night and sleep like a sailor .In these passionate times , i loved to throw paint , and look at it leach .

The great spiritual war . Detail


The painting is inhttp://zanolino.exto.org/site/kunstwerk/143563_The-great-spiritual-war.html  No drawing , no plan . Paint-wait-wash .When you blow up the picture you ll see clearly the non involvement .An homage to Magritte ..

No illusion , No enlightment . Detail


The painting is inhttp://zanolino.exto.org/site/kunstwerk/171186_No-illusion-,-No-enlightment.html  A wash, much relevant to the Curacao culture s . A black and a white man breathing by the same nose and kissing by the same mouth . Forgiveness .

Flying Dog. Detail .


The painting is inhttp://zanolino.exto.org/site/kunstwerk/152873_Flying-Dog.html .When you blow up the picture you ll see the gross marks of the brush .

OM . Detail


The painting is inhttp://zanolino.exto.org/site/kunstwerk/143925_OM.htmll You can experience the precision of the ' Chaos '

Van Gogh s Hat . Detail


Painting is in http://zanolino.exto.org/site/kunstwerk/152867_Van-Gogh-s-hat.html .This is decalcomania well known from the surrealistes .Then you sculpt it out .

Mother Child and Donkey. Detail


Painting in http://zanolino.exto.org/site/kunstwerk/152872_Mother-,-Child-and-Donkey.html  All the white you see is the canvas , not white paint .This is just a beginning of a work that s already finished .And so much bliss in that face .

Blue understanding.Detail


Painting in http://zanolino.exto.org/site/kunstwerk/152855_Blue-understanding.html .The back ground is painted with a hairy roller in one layer only .Look at these blissfull black faces .Warriors at peace .

Transformation . DETAIL


Another example of decalcomania . What a smile .you ll find the painting in http://zanolino.exto.org/site/kunstwerk/173101_Transformation.html

East and West . Detail


Put some white and some blue , cover it with news paper and wet it , wait 15 mn . Take the paper away and wash a bit of paint . Et voila le travail .See the painting at http://zanolino.exto.org/site/kunstwerk/191329_East-and-West.html

No apple , no story


This is a one time decalcomania coming from a sculpted splash .See the work at http://zanolino.exto.org/site/kunstwerk/194952_No-apple-,-no-story.html . Click on it and see it evaporate.



Just a newspaper cut out . Spooky , right .When you ll look , you ll see .The painting is at http://zanolino.exto.org/site/kunstwerk/248257_Spookhouse.html .