What s in a name

Zanolino  -  to  -  Zan


  I would not change my name , unless it would harbor a spiritual message  , or added meaning = Truth .

When I met Roberto  Matta  ,   in Curacao , for 3 great days , at the  very end of  the 20 th century , he told me many stories , and one of them , about meeting Dali for the 1 st time

Roberto Antonio Sebastián Matta Echaurren (November 11, 1911 – November 23,2002)   Architect from formation ,  on his way to the Paris atelier of Le Corbusier ,   departed   from  his native Chili , passing  through Spain where he met Dali with a recommendation  letter , and the first word Dali told him after reading  , was

“  That s too long  . Your name is way too long . We will call you  Matta  .”

And it stuck for ever

Then after sharing his  memory  , Matta tells me  “ And for you , it is the same .”

Well , I would certainly not be influenced that easily  , especially that names belongs to individualistic weak forces , what is understood as Ego .

But I then told him that I had been toying with the idea already  for the 2 last weeks , as there were an experience of a Spiritual concept in my own name .

In  Philosophy , the definition  of Truth   =   What does not change   .  So what will remain  by time , or space , making it Imperishable and eternal  .

Now , my  Master  Sri Sathya Sai Baba  from a Vedic story ,  had just taught us about the Possibility of reaching opposites conclusions from the exact same words , but pronounced in a different way  .

I realized then that my own name confirmed the concept

You could either say   ;  ZAN    Holly   No ?

Or    :    ZAN   Holly   NOoooooo !

And that is how I began to sign  ZAN  , to unload all what was not the Unchanging Truth .

Just another story prepared from the Beyond of which we are all Actors .




Zanolino  Philippe – Curacao –France