While constructing a cross ( Crucify the small i ) , a practical one , on which to nail ourselves to  crucify the Ego  . 2 segments of telephone pole crossed each other and stood  erect on a Karma wheel , with in the center a  small letter i of  beach reefstone  and down below , a pair of iron Feet symbolising the Master and proper essential guidance . Still ,  as some was missing , I then proceeded to cut 3 smaller crosses  and inserted them on top and sides to complete the work .I did cut theses out of a 55 gallons iron drum with a large oxygene torch  , but i remarqued that one of them was not burnt in the center and 3 letters were still apparent .  V.O.L   .I knew it to mean Flight in french or may be the abbreviation for volume ...Anyway it did nt make much sense at the time .The piece  even got exposed with the lettered iron turned around so that you could see a mysterious flat fish on the other side which had not burned either . Nevertheless , i turned it back 2 month later to discover the arrow i had missed the first time , which transformed  V.O.L into L.O.V . The most essential purpose of crucifixion was revealed in a totally unpremeditated way . That association brought light on a long personal art history of people patiently getting flying lessons from birds in order to escape the misery of everyday earthly bond problems . Of course , i went to investigate where it came from and found on a similar drum the following inscription ' NO VOLCAR ' which in spanish means ' DO NOT TURN IT AROUND '