I am so very fortunate that the land and people of Curacao accepted my donation of the Tula s painting  (http://zanolino.exto.org/site/kunstwerk/13270339_Tula-signing-the-liberty-belll.html ) .That is  the official donation speech , on the day of the revolution anniversary : 17 th of august 2009.  Pict :Giovani Zanolino

 Respet   pa  TULA  I  su  Kompanjeros

  Danki , na Senjor Rene Rosalia di Kas di kultura ,  danki na  Senjora Jeanne Henriquez di Museo Tula (www.museotula.com).  Danki na  KORSOW  I su Pueblo  . Masha danki

             Ta un honor  grandi  , ku boso  ta dunami   , pa sirbi mi pais Korsow , su pueblo I su historia .Tambe , mi ta hopi orguyoso , di mi otro pais  , Francia , kaminda mi a nance I biba 26 anja  largu  . Un otro  pais de la revolushon  

                In the year 2000  ,   Landhuis Knip and  the surrounding area ,  were the stage for  Watamula  (http://zanolino.exto.org/site/kunstwerken/13489076_Watamula.html  )   , an international artist workshop . 20 artistes in all . From India ,  Cuba , Trinidad , Colombia , Puerto Rico , Jamaica , Aruba and Korsow .  And being confronted frontally with slavery ,  all  the artistes  concentrated on the great pain   . We dealt with it  , as a tribute to  a memory , one should never forget , but also  attended to it with healings in various forms  . Do not underestimate the very practical healing  power of art    .  As it is permeated with Truth , when pure and authentic , Art works .


               I personally  committed 2 interventions .                                                                                                                                   1 ) as a tribute to courage and determination , when  a bulldozer delivered a huge boulder , and dropped it right in front of the Landhuis  s  stairs , where Tula addressed the Shon , that famous morning . You can believe me , that  not even 10 men could  move the stone 1 cm .    I know , because we tried .                                                                                                                                           2 ) as an installation in the  middle of the kunuku , called  rebirth , where confused souls or ghosts if you prefer  , could find some peace  through a    Target on Love “ ,  and go for another chance  through 3 huge bird nests  among a jungle of roots   .

                 But , a gut feeling was killing me , literally  . And one of my announcements in the press  was   “ You cannot change History , but its meaning , Yes “

                 Pain and misery are clearly , not enough . Pain and misery  alone  , are for nothing .

                  So politically incorrect

                   French  blood runs in  this body , I cannot help .

                  And then I realized          JESUS    ,  would you rather focused on the  pain  of the crucifixion , the torture and  the misery , or the Sacrifice that was to start a universal landslide of Love .

                   There is no denying that billions of miracles  have been accomplished with the power of His name alone .

                    So I have for you , the following question  :     Jesus ,  a victim , or a Hero ?

                    Well , there is no denial either , that humanity is rising toward Unity , forgetting colours and genders . Mankind is growing . How else could you explain Obama . and we nearly got  Hillary . And we for sure  have Emily  .

                     Thank you Tula , and all the freedom fighters , for you derail the system of profits and losses . The system that doesn’t recognize us as equals , and see us as  laborers , consumers  ,  electors and at time just pieces of meat . The complete opposite of Brotherhood  .

                      It is not even , the devil s work . Man  s  greed is enough for it .

                      But do not  be mistaken . Greed has all colours , it is yellow , white and black  . It is simply  you and me . Humans are the monsters when in the state of ignorance . all of us . And  at  times , we do have to fight that greed  with the gun . Without it , you and me would still be slaves .It is accepted  that if someone tries to kill you , and you really have no other means to escape or to defend yourself, in self defense, you have the right to kill him .

                       That s why there is such a huge gun in the Tula painting . Exceptionally , violence is Dharma , which translate as ,  the just thing ,the right thing  or duty . Ahimsa or non violence could nt have worked in Curacao . All slaves would have  perished  and be replaced .It would have been , just a bad business year . By the way , Mahatma Gandhi , toward the end of the Indian revolution , was considering armed fight also , as too many of them had fallen  under many rains of bullets  , children included .

                        Jesus told us  “ if the Roman army  asks you to push the cart for 1 mile , do it for 2 “  .  Also in the East , have they recognized  more power to acceptance than resistance  . But up to a certain point  . Then , Jesus storms  the temple and kicks the profit and losses people . And died for it . badly too . Again , be wise , and recognize , that it has nothing to do with the Jews  or the Romans  .It has to do with man .  Monster man . Man without God .

                      Tula works for humanity , not just a part of it . He is universal . He is for ever . All of you , through him have participated in the salvation of mankind . We climbed one more step toward the glory .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         I even got confirmation , when on a large blue canvas , Jesus appeared on the cross  ( http://zanolino.exto.org/site/kunstwerk/240470_Caryatide.html    )   playing the Benta  ( bow ; typical  instrument from  Musik di Zumbi  , played formerly  by the slaves )

                     Is  it not obvious  that the world is a better place  than 300 years ago .  Off course there is still rampant  slavery today . Yes, but not mainstream . It is now criminal , world wide , but will exist underground till the end of time .

                     In the year 2006 , a  film crew from Los Angeles came to Curacao , for footages about an art movie  , commissioned  by the  Irene van  Van Herksen foundation , concerning Jose Maria Capricorne , and Nelson Carrillho  , both Yu Korsow living  in the Nederlands , and myself , the Franco-Curacao  fellow  . The movie is called , VELO- LOVE , and  builds a transatlantic bridge of love and Spirit   . Of , course , Curacao and its history , is central to the film  . The documentary is still in process but hopefully will be finalized soon .

                      We filmed for 3 days and went all over the place , but for where the tourists go . On the last  evening , they felt the urge to shoot  a  typical  Curacao beach . As their flight was leaving at noon ,  we drove early morning  to Small Knip , and before the beach , we stopped at the landhuis , took great footage of the hills , and spoke of  Tula .And during the entire shooting , the Movie director , mr  Rob Corsini , a  peace activist ,  was  exclaiming     “ This is God studio . The light is perfect . unbelievable “.So understand , that this adventure was prearranged , but not by us .

                      It would take a few days ,  for me to gather data , and realize , that the revolution started the 17 th of august 1795 , and we had been  filming at Landhuis Knip , on the 17 th of august 2007 .  Exactly 212 years later . Well , do not believe in coincidences .

                       It is the great Power , that inspires us . And guides us . And gives us the courage to go through ordeals .It is that same great power , that decides when the abuse has become a crime against humanity , and therefore send a savior of humanity .

                       Are the people free today  ?     What is freedom   ?

                       My beloved spiritual guide   , Sri Sathya sai  Baba , declares “ Freedom is not , doing what you want  . It is loving what you have to do .”

                        Freedom is inside , just as peace  is . You will not find it outside .  It walks hand in hand  with Duty .  Freedom and duty are twins sisters . So is it not the time to finish what Tula started ? With His sacrifice , Tula took a huge chunk of our liberation . But only us as individuals , will be able to complete the cycle , and finally reach  personal emancipation  from the monster  . That is what I call   r  ‘ EVOLUTION . ( http://zanolino.exto.org/site/index/13280618_r-EVOLUTION.html      )

                          Why are we so different in appearances ? why so many cultures . Why so many religions . At least , you have to concede that the Creator is not boring . I believe that we grow , by loving the differences . We grow in Tolerance , Forbearance , and ultimately It will lead us to   the common sense knowledge , that under the skin , and beyond the mind , there shines the spirit , and we all partake  in it . There we are ONE .

                          Awor , mi ta bai kaba  ku un pregunta  essential

                          Por favor , bai kas  ku ne I konteste ku bo kurason . Di berdat , e mente no sa nada .

                              TULA  ,    UN  VICTIMA , O  UN  HERO     ?